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Pizza One Rewards

Nothing is better than getting FREE stuff, but the guys in legal want to make sure that everybody knows the rules.  Because of that, we are posting this to describe what Pizza One Rewards is all about and to give you the rules that govern your participation in the Pizza One Rewards program.  Personally, it makes me sleepy,  but he says it is well written, detailed and informative.  You be the judge. 


If you don’t think you can accept or comply with these rules, then please do not join Pizza One Rewards.  You can still enjoy our awesome food and take advantage of our many other coupons and promotions.  Thank you!

Pizza One Rewards is a loyalty rewards program that allows us to thank our great customers for their repeat business. When you make Qualifying Purchases using an Account, you accumulate Pizza One Points that can be redeemed for rewards.


Please Note:

  • Pizza One Points are part of Pizza One Rewards and accumulate when you make qualifying purchases.

  • Pizza One Points and rewards are generally added to your account within 24 hours, but we cannot warranty or guarantee this.  From time to time, there may be technical difficulties with Pizza One Rewards which result in a delay of Pizza One Points or rewards appearing in or being deducted from your account.

  • Pizza One Points and rewards have no cash value and are not redeemable for cash.

  • Pizza One Points and rewards cannot be sold, assigned or transferred in any way.

  • If you have any Pizza One Points or rewards remaining in your account after it is closed or deleted for any reason, then the Pizza One Points and rewards are forfeited and you will not be compensated.  We have no obligation to carry over Pizza One Points or rewards to any other programs that may be established.

  • We can adjust the number of Pizza One Points or rewards in your account at any time and without notice if we discover that Pizza One Points or rewards were added to or removed from your account in error or due to technical difficulties, whether or not we are at fault for such error or technical difficulties.

  • Once Pizza One Points are converted to a reward and once a reward is redeemed with a reward code, these transactions are final and we are unable to credit, replace or replenish Pizza One Points or rewards for any reason.  This includes situations in which you may be dissatisfied with our product or service and canceling an order or requesting a refund.

  • Contact us at onlypizza1@njpizzaone.com if you need assistance. Make sure to have your proof of purchase when you contact us. We are here to help.